No Turning Back…..Ready?

Have you ever walked away from someone or something? I have. And I have had people walk away from me. Whether in conversation or just in life. It sucks and it can tick you off. A lot of the time I’m like what the heck did I do wrong? Did I say something that hurt their feelings maybe?

Well let me say that there does come a time in everyone’s life where they will walk or run away from something, whether out of necessity or not.

Tonight I heard a battle cry for the race! I heard it loud and clear though it was spoken in a whisper.

A young man at my local chapter of Celebrate Recovery tonight, with tears in his eyes and very big burden on his heart, said I can not go back. I can not return home. I can not go into details, as CR is a place of confidentiality and a safe haven for those who are hurting. But I can say he has made the choice to walk away…..well, actually run. He and God know what would wait for him back home.

As a leader at CR I hear that talk all the time as people realize where they have been, find God and then make the decision not to return to the old self, much less the old hangouts, friends, and yes….family. I have been in their place.

I had my bout with alcohol until my daughter was born nine years ago. I gave up drinking. Please understand that I diss no one who drinks. But it can be a very powerful addiction for some and it was for me. I almost died a couple of times from it in the eighties and nineties. I told my, then wife, that I was going to quit drinking when we found out she was pregnant with our first. I remember what it was like being a child of an alcoholic.

I did not want my child or children to go through what I went through so I made the decision to walk away. At that time it was not a calling from God or anything just a personal decision. I thank God I made that decision.

I have walked away from “friends” too. Their lifestyles were just not aligned with what God wanted for me. It is a tough decision to leave a person you have known for years but one that must be made sometimes. Maybe you have had to make that choice as well.

God told me to run, not walk away from one of my addictions. And this is where that young man is in his life.

God told him basically to follow me. Do not return home to your old self with its wicked ways. That person and lifestyle is dead. You are a new creation now. Put your shoes on, tie them tight, get on the starting line and run! Run, don’t walk! And I WILL be there with you very step you take.


Man, that took a lot of courage to come out and say what he did and then to ask for prayer!. This young man is broken, hurting and scared, I tell you. I will be in prayer for him and help where I can. I can not wait to watch as he matures in his walk with God. What an honor it is, Oh Lord, to watch you work and move in these men’s lives!

~This was originally posted March 1st 2014~

This young man stayed sober and is happily married to a great woman 🙂

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