My Post Picks For February 2019

February, the “month” of love. And I’m sure many of you may have thought my post picks would be all mushy and gushy, everything is awesome in our marriage type of thing. I could have. There are some great posts out there by the CMBA and others about marriage and how to keep the flame lit.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a few marriage posts in here but the rest are about how God’s love moves and how we can draw closer in love with Him.

I hope you all enjoy these…

Lost Tears Matter To God by Stacey is just simply a must read for everyone. We’ve all been in a dark place.

Debi shares with us how and why different settings on a lamp can be beneficial in not only our daily mundane things but also in our relationships in her post entitled Necessity Of Light

Beth gives some great advice on becoming more passionate with your spouse in her post 7 Ways To Become A More Passionate Spouse.

Vickie’s Rejoicing In God post really struck a chord in my heart the other day. Knowing all the things she has gone through and will go through for her forthcoming surgery, this post encouraged me in my own have all of her posts here of late. Thank you Vickie. And guys please be in prayer for Vickie for her coming surgery and healing.

Amy gives us a very unique look into how we should see others as well as ourselves in this great post entitled The Blue Bowl. And this morning I see this…Good Gifts. Which upon reading made me think of all the people God wants to hear this message. Powerful post!

There are two posts from Ryan I want share with you. The first on is his praise report Totally Awesome Answer To Prayers For My Wife and the second one is his Real Talk After 17 Years Of Marriage where he is honest and real about how marriage is a struggle and/or a fight. But…with God…

Amy is discussing one of my favorite topics in her post What Is Freedom? It’s a great post and also…

If you know any young woman struggling with porn or same sex attraction you can give them a copy of Amy’s book entitled Longing for Intimacy (not an affiliate link) for them to read.

Bruce gives us a powerful and biblically accurate look into Jesus being God in the flesh in his post Jesus – The Ultimate Evidence

Elaine reminds us so gently why we do not need to be Leaving Jesus At The Kitchen Table.

Julie delivers a beautiful poem about our men in blue entitled The Thin Blue Line. Her husband is a policeman and I know she worries about his safety daily!

Randy gives us a very unique analogy of elevation in his post Elevator Truth

Valerie show us why Forgiveness Comes Before Freedom In The Dictionary and in life. Great post!

Saleama delivers a freaking great post about inviting God into your sex life in her post Holiness And Intimacy. One of my favorite things she said is this…

God cares about every aspect of your life and your marriage. Your physical intimacy is a key component if you want to experience a loving marriage, centered on God.

I pray everyone will have a blessed day.

God bless,


13 thoughts on “My Post Picks For February 2019”

  1. Thank you, Stu, for all the effort in compiling these awesome posts for us! This will be some wonderful reading for me this quiet Friday night 🙂 You are such a blessing, brother, keep doing what you’re doing!

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