What a heart wrenching but yet beautiful portrayal of God’s love.

Hosea marries Gomer..a harlot. A harlot is someone who is basically a whore or prostitute. Knowing she is what she is Hosea still loves Gomer. God told Hosea that she would be unfaithful to their marriage vow.

Scripture does not give much as to her past or his for that matter; God just says take a harlot for your wife. This sets the stage for Hosea to understand God and His love for His people. Despite her sexual escapades Hosea loved her. Then something happens to Gomer..for Hosea pays for his wife. Upon buying his wife back he leans and whispers in her ear Thou shalt abide for me many days; thou shalt not play the harlot, and shalt not be for another man, so I also be for thee(Hosea 3:2,3)

This is such a vision of us and God. God loved us despite our sin(our whoredom) and yet He paid for us through the shed blood of Christ. With that payment he whispers to us you will not be a harlot, thou shalt not be for another, so will I be for thee.

In our sin we had many gods..money, drugs, sex, woman, men, work, cars, houses..the list goes on and on. We placed many things above the real God that our heart was truly seeking. We sacrificed to our false gods our time..our love. But despite all this God loved us and sent His son Jesus to pay for those sins that we might return to Him. Just as Hosea paid for Gomer that she would return to him.

You see Hosea paid for Gomer with all he had 15 pieces of silver and 1 1/2 homer( about 15 bushels) of barley. God gave all He had..His only begotten Son, who was sold for 30 pieces of silver. Gomer returned to Hosea through his payment for her despite the fact she was his anyway. And we can now return to God through Christ who paid for us.

14 thoughts on “Hosea”

  1. The timing of this is beyond words, it is one Holy Spirit who inspires us all and has only one agenda, he calls us back to Him to walk the path that he laid for us each individually and specifically. That path will always be selfless and sacrificial. Love your heart brother!

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  2. “his payment for her despite the fact she was his anyway” – I LOVE that! You’re absolutely right: she was his, anyway! Yet he still paid for her, gave all he had.
    That’s beautiful.

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