Random Acts Of Kindness Award

This is so cool! Kristian has given me a chance to participate in the Random Acts Of Kindness Award. The award was created by Michelle over at Mws R Writings

Here are the Rules:

  • Copy picture for the award,
  • Make an acknowledgement to the person who nominated you.
  • Write a paragraph or bigger to explain an act of random kindness, you have witnessed, done, or received.
  • Tag and nominate others
  • Make sure to tell those who have nominated, that you did.
  • You can post pictures of random acts of kindness even if you do not want to write anything,
    Thanks for participating and making this world a better and thankful place.

This post is to thank all of you! Your random acts of kindness towards me have been overwhelming to say the least.

A few weeks ago I shared with the prayer group that having been laid off from work and then having hours cut caused some major financial strain for me. Not only did I get behind on bills but I had my gas turned off and the electricity unfortunately did too. And I was being bombarded with temptation. I simply asked them and a few others to pray for me.

And pray they have And the Lord answered. The lights have been turned back on and I have food for me and Brandon due to random PayPal donations. And not from my friends mind you. But from you guys…my blogging friends.

John from The Eclectic Contrarian felt led to by the Lord to help. This is how he did that. He wrote a post entitled Help A Brother Out asking for help where people who wanted to help could. And some have.

I did not ask John to do this. He felt lead. He sent me an email asking and I truly wanted to say no, don’t put that out there. I did not want people to know I was/am struggling. But, I thought about and you already know I’m struggling in a lot of areas and I could not take his prompting from the Lord and just throw it away. I can’t knowingly steal someone’s blessing

John, thank you so much.

And then this morning I get a thank you letter in the mail from a fellow blogger simply for nominating her for an award.

How cool is that?!

Some are simply sending emails or messages just to check up on me and to let me know they are still praying.

This post, though I guess to some may seem selfish. It’s not…at all. It’s a very very sincere thank you to all of you!!!!

You guys have brought such joyful tears as I say thank you Lord every single day!

Thank you for your random acts of kindness!

I’m going to leave this one open to anyone who wants to share a story. You are all nominated 🙂

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