Sunday Music: Day Of Fire | The Dark Hills

I can say the yes, Jesus walks the dark hills! He came for me!

When I saw no light he came and was my light.

I am living proof that no one is too “bad” for God to love. And that nothing I could have ever done would have kept Christ off the cross to die for my darkness. He saved me!!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Music: Day Of Fire | The Dark Hills”

  1. I admit brother, I feel backslidden and it’s hard to break out of this rut. I’m disturbed by a dream I had years back about all these things happening and a door behind me but I wouldn’t go back out the door.

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    1. Well brother, if I am to be honest I feel that way too here lately. And yeah it’s tough getting out

      That’s a pretty extreme dream right there. Maybe it’s not the door behind you that you need to back out of, but rather a door in front of the current situation that you need to go through. Many times in my struggles I felt if I could just get back to where I was I would be ok. But that never happened.

      Sending you an email brother

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