Another Facebook Memory Shared

I shared this 5 years ago on Facebook….

One day about 8 or 9 years ago I did something that I feel most any person would do:

A lady came into Movie Gallery to get a movie leaving her van running. Nothing out of the ordinary until I saw the van move out of the corner of my eye. Looking outside I saw a young girl in the driver seat crying. I jumped the counter, ran outside, caught up with the van, jumped in, slammed on the brakes right before the van went into the street. I have never forgotten that day.

Apparently neither has the little girl, who is now a teen. She saw me today in the mall, came into GameStop and said thank you.

Random acts are not forgotten…wow

I share this today, not as a look at Stu but as a reminder. A reminder that God places us in places at just right time to help others. It doesn’t have to be a “life saving” situation as this one could have been. It could simply be your smile to that one person. It could be a simple thank you to your waitress or waiter who has busted their butt all day with no appreciation from anyone for days.

And IF we do not think that a simple thank you is helping someone then we, as people, are worse off than I thought.

12 thoughts on “Another Facebook Memory Shared”

    1. A memory I will never forget. I’m still amazed I was able to open the door and jump in while it was moving backwards. And it all happened so freaking fast I just reacted without thought, as I believe anyone would have.

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  1. OK I may be going through a bunch of emotional stuff lately but that choked me up. I hadn’t heard or run across that testimony before Stu, clearly God used you in that place. I have a “definition of success“ poem that I’ve held close for years and one of the lines states “ to know that one life breathes easier because you were born is to have succeeded”.

    I know that you have hundreds if not thousands of big and small ways throughout your life that you have been there for others, even in the way that your blog touches people you will never meet. Know that if you were called home tomorrow, your life is already a success!

    Continued blessings through Christ my friend!

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  2. Sometimes just a simple act of kindness, like jumping into action to help someone or it could be as simple as someone giving a small gift from their heart to show appreciation for the happiness they have given to another, is special. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

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