Human Trafficking…

It actually amazes me that people still believe human/sex trafficking doesn’t exist! It is REAL folks and it not just the female gender that gets kidnapped. There are plenty of young boys being kidnapped as well. And it IS happening closer to you than you think.

Yes Lord, hear our prayers…please!!!

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

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Human trafficking…
is so real today…
but many people don’t realize…
for their lives aren’t affected this way.
They have not had a loss…
cause their child has not been taken…
but many are suffering daily…
so let us not be mistaken.
Human trafficking is a problem…

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10 thoughts on “Human Trafficking…”

      1. The change is desperately needed… in the hearts and law equally. Sadly I am very aware that it has been an issue for boys and girls since I was young. The environment I grew up around made it like it was all normal. And by the time any victims were adult aged, either they were now abusers, or the adults who always wanted to brush it under the carpet because “everyone goes through that, there’s no use making a fuss over it.”
        My disgust is that it still continues in this digital age, and when we are suppose to be more aware of what can happen to our children. It’s sick that people would pay to rape ANYONE, or to watch anyone doing it.

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