Talking And Sex Are Both Forms Of Intimacy

I’ve heard this many times in the past from friends, “Dude, why is it when me and my wife get in bed SHE wants to talk while I want to sleep or have sex and then go to sleep.”

Since when did the bed become the place not to talk and the only place for sex?

See guys, the bedroom is usually the only place on the planet where your wife can have your undivided attention. She wants to talk. She wants to know how your day has been, what happened and she wants to share with you what has transpired in her life while you were apart.

She may even want to make love to you but has so much on her mind…she needs to release those thoughts before being able to release herself to pleasure.

Sooo…if your wife wants to talk in bed….listen. Try not to interrupt but truly listen with your heart!! She is sharing herself with you and that, my dear brothers, is a privilege and an honor!!

Enjoy the communication!

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