Memories On Facebook Are Cool For Reflection

As I look back over the last year there are so many things to be mad, upset and hurt about. There were many things that happened that made me ask the questions “What else could possibly go wrong?” and “Why the hell is this happening to me?”

2013 was hard year for me BUT at the same time it was one of the best years. And here is why:

1. My relationship with God grew in leaps and bounds, despite all the crap the devil threw my way.

2. The Wrestling For You Life Conference in Huntsville, Al. Being able to give my testimony there and hang out with Dave Bannister and Ted DeBeisé was a great honor.

3. Going to the leadership conference with Dave.

4. Meeting Kerri Bishop-Reese and gaining a new confidant and friend for life. Great sister in Christ with a powerful ministry…which leads into the next one…

5. Having the honor to go back to Huntsville several times and hang with Kerri and do a couple of segments for Coffee & Christ. One on porn addiction and the other on being a spiritual leader. By the way Kerri…can’t wait to do it again..hopefully soon.

6. Watching my children, Brandon and Erin, grow up with such hearts that can melt a person upon meeting either of them. They truly are a blessing from the Lord and I thank Him daily for their lives and love.

7. Getting to know Angie Morgan and her boys better has been an honor and privilege. Wish God had brought us together sooner as I missed the opportunity to meet Matthew before the Lord called him home.

8. Finding out that, despite my thoughts to the contrary, my ministry work via Facebook actually is helping others. What a humbling experience it was to have several people over the last year say thank you. What you posted about that particular subject really inspired me, helped my marriage, my prayer life or just life in general. Wow.

9. My church…and Celebrate Recovery…nuff said.

Now by no means are these in any type of order except the first one, of course. It just goes to show that despite the crap life hands is the fertilizer for other things to bloom.

I want to thank you all, my friends, brothers and sisters in Christ and loved ones for being a part of my life last year. May God fulfill more of His plan in each of us in the year to come.

God Bless,

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