My Post Picks For December

First, allow me to apologize for this months post picks being a little shorter than normal. It’s been a very rough month for me emotionally and I just haven’t felt like reading as much as I normally do. Please forgive me

With that said here are some awesome posts that I did read and they touched me deeply in one way or another!

I hope you enjoy them as I did…

My new blogging friend, Luisa has written a great post entitled When Jesus Broke Racial Barriers: The Woman At The Well.

Jordan’s post What If I Don’t Have Enough Faith is simply just powerful. You have got to read this NOW…trust me my post will still be here when you get back. I know you will keep reading her posts for a while!

Cynthia shows us how things can change in a year even while certain things seem to stay the same and how we can handle our struggles in The Lingerie Store Revisited.

Hannah gives us a wonderful Christmas gem in Imperfect Christmas.

George’s post When No Means Yes hooked me with the title. I read all his posts but the title intrigued me. May we all take his words to heart!

Only You is a beautiful post by Kathy that really needs to be done in calligraphy, framed and hung in everyone’s house somewhere highly visible!

And then there is another one Kathy wrote that just blessed me beyond words entitled A Brief Encounter. If this doesn’t touch your heart…your dead and need to be awakened!

Kip’s Imperfectly Perfect is a great reminder that as imperfect life is, with all the trials, storms and disappointments, it is leading us to the perfect version of ourselves God wants in all of us.

Allow me to close with my brother Bruce’s post entitled What Is Truth? He truly gives us something to ponder as we head into the New Year and being intentional in our walk with God.

16 thoughts on “My Post Picks For December”

  1. So honored to have made your list! I LOVE when you do these – I’ve found several other bloggers to follow and connect with through your post picks. Praying for renewal and refreshment for you in the coming weeks!

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    1. I’m glad you have found some new bloggers to follow 🙂 I’m honored to share your posts with my blogging friends nad readers. They always touch me and many I share on my Facebook pages and groups.

      Thank you so much for the prayers. They are deeply appreciated!


  2. I’m honored to be listed among so many inspirational bloggers! Funny you’d mention the title grabber, usually I wake with a message but on that morning all I had was the title… figured less was more and let it speak for itself. Love your ministry and outreach brother, the holidays are are a difficult time, be encouraged knowing your message reaches many hearts!

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    1. Thank you for your kind words brother! It’s actually everyone’s encouragement that has kept me sane 🙂

      It spoke!

      Trust me, brother, your posts have always touched me. I may not comment all the time but they do. And I appreciate your ministry and your new endeavor as well 🙂

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      1. Just finished my stress test, so I’m feeling a little woozy. But I’m done with it! Praise God! Waiting at the hospital for another set of pictures of my heart. Then I can leave! Yay! Thanks for prayers and thinking of me.

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