Friday’s Love Song: Casting Crowns | Broken Together

I know most do not see this as a love song but I do.

I actually had never heard this song until about a month after my love of a lifetime and I called off our relationship. One of the things she always told me was that she was broken. After years of verbal and some physical abuse from her parents, abusive marriage and the loss of a child…yeah. I know she felt broken. She also knew I was broken too.

When I heard this song one day at work, it just brought me to tears. Still trying to truly process the grief of losing the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with…this hit hard.

I thought of us. I thought of all the hurting marriages and relationships out there. And I prayed for all the brokenness.

But being broken does not mean you can’t love. Broken people usually love the hardest. And a couple that admits their brokenness and loves each other despite that can last through it all with Christ as their the center of said brokenness.

So yes…this is a love song

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