Sunday Music: Def Leppard | Rock Of Ages

Man, sometimes parents can be such an embarrassment!

My mom, bless her soul, tried real hard to keep me from rock music. And I mean really hard. If it wasn’t Southern Gospel or Country music it basically had to be smuggled into the house and listened to when I was outside in the treehouse for the longest time.

But rock was the devils music, right? And she wanted to protect her son from the enemy.

At lunch on day some of my friends, the rockers, were outside listening to music and they were playing the Def Leppard Pyromania cassette and I fell in love 🤘

So one day while shopping at the mall I asked my dad if he would buy me the album. But mom was with us and…oh boy!

The album cover alone sent chills down her back I guess. She grabs it out of my hands, flips it over and reads the song titles. And of course, Rock of Ages stands out like a sore thumb as it is a title of one of her favorite church hymns.

This was back in the day when they put the lyrics on the inside of the album on the paper insert which held the album and she just had to read them.

Of course, the clerk would not let her open it up just to read the lyrics and she got a little upset over that. But he didn’t give in and neither did she.

And with a bunch of kids my age in the store I just stood there with my head down.

Needless to say I did NOT get the album. But, I did borrow a friend’s cassette insert when I went back to school. I let my mom read the lyrics and said see Mom there is nothing that is bad in the lyrics and they are not talking bad about Jesus.

She came around eventually. But alas, Leppard was not my first rock album. Someone else was…that will have to wait until next Sunday 🙂

And Rock of Ages was not my favorite on the album but I would always turn the volume up when it came on…my rebellious side…lol

My musical tastes have always varied. I will listen to almost anything from Acapella to Speed Metal depending on my mood. So there may be something I choose to put into my Sunday Music that you may not like or maybe can’t understand the lyrics but the songs I do choose impacted my life in one way or another. And that is why I want to share them.

A reflection if you will but also it’s a way for you to get to know Stu a little bit more 🙂

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