X Is For Xsturgy

Yeah, I had to go the dictionary. There are over 100 words that begin with an X but most of those are not “true” words. And the one I have chosen has only been used a few times a looong time ago.

Xsturgy means to polish.

Some of us are old enough to know or at least remember how to polish silverware. It took hours to do it right. It took patience and elbow grease…well that is what my granny would say anyway 🙂

It’s the same with polishing our faith. It takes time, patience and at times some elbow grease.

So who is ready to xsturgy their faith?

14 thoughts on “X Is For Xsturgy”

  1. Me! 🙌 I’m ready!
    I also remember polishing the family silver. There were no easy hacks, as you say; just good ol’ elbow grease. In addition, I remember every Saturday night my dad would open up the shoe kit, and we’d all get out our Sunday shoes. We learned how to use the black or brown polish, the brushes, and the buffing cloth.
    And I remember that those were regular chores. The silver tarnished back up (even when we didn’t even USE it), and the shoes scuffed.
    Maintenance. Everything needs it, and we must pay particular attention to those important aspects in life, careful to keep strong the faith, love, and relationships God gives us.

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  2. Reminds me of polishing my boots… we’d go out and train and muddy and scuff them up and come back and spit shine them again. There’s a spiritual story in that.

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  3. New word alert!!! 😁

    I remember polishing our brass figurines at my parents with Brasso. Yup, a lot of work. But it applies as you have said. Takes my mind to that 2 Peter 1 Scripture that tells us to ‘add’ to our faith. This is sound.

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