Sinners, Monsters & Aliens

This one might be a little strange but this is what the Lord gave me while driving to work today. And if you were to read my other blogs you will find my life is strange so by the end of this it could be…well…normal….maybe.

Everyone on the planet is a sinner. The Bible tells me this in Romans. And even without the Bible telling me this, I know for a fact that there is something inherently wrong with the human race. And it starts right out of the womb. If you have children of your own you will understand what I mean.
These cute, precious and loving bundles of joy are a trip! They can be and are the best things to ever happen to a person. But at the same time they are living nightmares at times. They cry when they are hungry, wet, dirty, sleepy and even just because they can. And what do we as parents do? We get up, pick them up and try to figure out why they are crying.
They can not fend for themselves I get that. So we have to, should and be honored to. But what we are doing is stoking the beginning embers to a potential fire of selfishness…the inherited sin.
As these bundles of joy grow, they learn that crying or yelling will get them what they want. I mean, it has worked every time so far. But we as parents get tired of it, let’s be honest.
So the natural progression for the parent, overtime, is to start getting upset and start telling them to stop crying. Which in their eyes means they are getting in trouble. And children hate getting in trouble.
So….in order to not get in trouble for something they did wrong or did not do, for that matter, they start lying. Which is actually just selfishness in form of self preservation.
Sin, sin, sin! Seems like the harder we try to not sin as we grow older the more we do. For some those sins become who they are….a “monster” of sorts.
Have you seen a monster? Have you been around one? There are so many different types of monsters and yet all they are really is a sinner.
Many people who have gone through certain things growing up can become “monsters”. Each person has their own definition of a monster. Monsters do not have to be murderers.
It’s just that a person has let their sins or a sin done against them take over. And by that I mean they have let it fester and consume them.
A child who was raped could become a rapist. A boy whose mother beat him with anything she could get her hands on could grow up to hate women. A boy who always saw his dad abuse his mom could grow up to abuse his wife. A child who has nothing growing up could grow to be a hoarder. I wouldn’t call that person a monster though I am sure some have. Please notice I said COULD…not will. All these are just a sinner who became something…well else.
And that something else can become more of a strange creature. An alien!
There is so much speculation on whether aliens really exist. And all I can say on the subject is that Bible does not mention anything about it. So, we will stick with the ones IN the Bible….sinners who become “monsters” that can become an alien IF they place their trust in another that “doesn’t” exist in most of the worlds eyes. And that is God.
Because once a sinner accepts Jesus Christ into their heart they are joint heirs with Christ. Their citizenship is in Heaven and not in this world which they were born into. And it does not matter if they were monsters in the eyes of others. Their sins are forgiven, every one of them, just as the non-monsters are when they accepted Christ. It’s just that some have a harder time letting go of the things that made themselves who they were before Christ.. They have to learn how to be an alien and not a “monster” anymore. They have to actually alienate themselves from a lot of things that defined who they were before.
They are new creatures with new minds and heart. Their desires will change. Their attitude will change. They will feel remorse for the things they have done to others. And will have forgiveness for the ones who did things to them. Oh my! What beautiful creatures they have become.
Also I will add that even though they do not change over night like they wish. They will change if their salvation was genuine. We will see a change from sinner and monster to alien. As all followers of Christ are. We are one in Christ and therefore should not see the monster any longer but a brother or sister in Christ, who God is working on. And we should show them love.
So, though this is a strange blog, I hope you realize that this is normal for me.God and Change!

I wonder though, if some have every thought of me as a monster…..
God Bless,

16 thoughts on “Sinners, Monsters & Aliens”

  1. Haha! I tell my husband, we need to raise good people and not little ‘monsters.’ It’s true though. We want to give them the world, but if you do, you’ll be creating self entitled, selfish people. It’s good to hold back, have them save or teach them to wait.
    Great post! 😊🙏🏽

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  2. Oh yes, I’ve seen a monster before: right there in the mirror! I can look back and remember that monster.
    Now I’m an alien, though! 😊 And even if sometimes I still see hints of that old monster, God’s Spirit within me is stronger and more able. He will allow trials and tribulations to refine me. And I love Him.
    Makes perfect sense to me.

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