W Is For Worthy

What makes one worthy?

Is it their looks?

Is it their achievements?

Is it their character?

Is it how good they are in bed?

Is it their deeds?

Is it their material possessions?

Well, that’s how the world wants us to decide if someone is worthy or not.

I learned the hard way, even before becoming a Christian, that people can have all those things and still not be worth my time, attention or affection.

Kind of like being beautiful as all get out on the outside and downright ugly on the inside.

For me what makes someone worthy is their heart.

For out of the heart flows the real person!

I kind of follow God on that one…

You do know He looks at the heart, right?

And yes, I understand that we are ALL worthy in His eyes.

Worthy enough to send His Son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins.

So with that last sentence, let me pose a challenge.

Let’s find someone “unworthy” and share with them why they are “worthy”.

Worthy of forgiveness!

Worthy of grace!

Worthy of love!

Worthy of our time!

Worthy of our love!

24 thoughts on “W Is For Worthy”

  1. Dear Stuart,

    I believe it is the acceptance and love of uniqueness we find in each person, to see in everyone the drop of the Ocean, as real brothers and sisters.
    Thanks for sharing my friend 🙂
    Have a great time

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    1. Thank you Didi for you comment and support. I agree. We are each unique created by God for a purpose. And part of that purpose is to help others see Him and to know they are worthy of His love!


  2. Good one, Stuart.
    I learned a lot from God while I was a teacher for the severely/profoundly mentally impaired high school students. Yes, the ones who need diapers changed and need to be fed and cleaned up after. The ones who can or cannot talk, who sit when you tell them to go. The same ones who need hugs just like anyone else, and whose smiles I still carry with me.

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