Friday’s Love Song: Bruno Mars | Just The Way You Are

Good morning beautiful ❤

Every morning. No matter if we had an argument the night before. That was the first text I would send her.

Every time I made the two hour trip to see her, the first words out of my mouth were Hey beautiful!

I could tell you why I would always say that but I do not feel right in telling her past outright, though it is dispersed in some of my older posts about struggles.

Let’s just say she was beautiful inside and out…

I never listened to Bruno until we were out on a date one night.

We were at the Blind Tiger in downtown Shreveport for dinner and she said I heard this song today. It is so you and I want to listen to it.

So I moved my chair next to hers and she played me this song. I listened to the lyrics and said yep that’s me alright, with a little tear in my eye… I love you just the way you are and I wouldn’t change a thing.

And you know what guys, she said I know and I believe you!

You see, she had been through so much. And God took what the enemy meant to destroy and turned it into something amazingly beautiful.

Yes, she had scars. But don’t we all. I loved her because of those scars.

Yes, when she smiled she lit up the room because of the sparkle in her eyes. I knew what she had overcome and to see that smile…the one that said I am alive and I am happy…simply radiated the light from within. I loved that smile.

The light that gave her the strength to keep going despite everything. The light of her savior.

I could see it when she would sit and talk with the teenagers who came to her for advice.

I could see it when we shared our darkest secrets with other knowing they would go no further.

I could see it in how she treated everyone.

That light of Jesus shown through and made what was already beautiful and amazing even more so.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and sometimes it is even hard to describe to the one you love. Sometimes your mind can not process what your heart is saying.

But ladies, if the man you love tells you that you are beautiful believe him even if he can not articulate it properly for you to fathom. He means it.

True beauty comes from the inside and radiates outwardly for the world to see!

10 thoughts on “Friday’s Love Song: Bruno Mars | Just The Way You Are”

  1. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

    This ^^^ all day long! I wrote a quote based off that. “I don’t want to rule the world. I just want to be your world.” Strive for every possible level of letting her know that she’s the only one in your life! (Second only to the Lord of course.) but! She’s essential for your life! Great post Stu!

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