Time For The Church To Be Real

It is past time the church wakes up and realize that many of its members are hurting and struggling.

Our motto should be “Confess your faults one to another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed” not “Oh Jesus loves you just ask for forgiveness and your life will be a bed of roses.”

We all know that is a bunch of malarkey.

It is a daily walk with God that renews your mind not a one time emotional feeling!

There are too many in the church who are struggling with porn/sex addiction, alcohol, drugs, depression and worry that are AFRAID to say anything to their friends at church when IT SHOULD BE THE SAFEST PLACE!!!

Wake up pastors! Your flock are silently crying for help…why will you not answer…

Church members, we need to reach out too!

9 thoughts on “Time For The Church To Be Real”

  1. Why I turned away from the Church but not God and Jesus Christ. There was too much fake politeness going on. People walking out of church instantly starting to malign others. Many women dressed up to the nines, church is not a place for competition on the best fur and gold bracelets. Church is for redemption, being able to seek help with problems, it is place to connect to God or it should be. The role of a Pastor or Vicar has great responsibility to be able to be objective when dealing with the congregation. Too much white washing.

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  2. I love the people in our church. We have a coffee and fellowship time after the service, and we actually talk about God and what He’s doing in our lives. Folks do really care for each other, compassion and care are in great supply, and we take God’s Word where it’s needed.

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