Sunday Music: Decyfer Down |Desperate

I have a tendency, once a new album comes out, to constantly play my favorite songs over and over again while driving. This one is no exception!

I was desperate then and I am desperate for Him now. I don’t ever want to lose that desperate, I need you now, feeling!

And yes, He has had to carry me many, many, many times!

I love this quote from Chris about their new album The Other Side Of Darkness…

And let’s face it, we all have these conversations that no one wants to talk about that need to be talked about. Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean you can’t be pretty blunt with someone when you’re upset about something or share a struggle that you’re going through. I think it’s just important to be real, even if that might make people uncomfortable. Rock and roll has always been dangerous, so where’s the line that says if you’re a Christian band you can’t cross that line to talk about certain issues? Not only should we talk about them, we should try to figure them out and help people try to deal with those things.

Go figure right…of course I’m going to agree with him on that stance.

If we, as followers of Christ, can not get out of our stupid bubbles and actually be real with people…this world is lost

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