Q Is For Quiet

Being quiet is so hard at times and I don’t necessarily mean just vocally. I mean mentally as well.

Being vocally quiet is relatively easy…if you are by yourself. But not if you are with someone. Because while they are talking your mind is trying to process your response.

That’s not a bad thing per se, but are really hearing them? I would venture that your not truly hearing them. You are gathering bits and pieces of the conversation while you are mentally speaking you responses.

What would happen if you stayed your mind?

I believe that you would hear the concern in their voice. And that you would actually understand what they are saying.

It’s kind of like our Bible reading time. If your mind will not be quiet while you are making mental notes of everything that has to done today you will miss out on what the Spirit is telling you.

10 thoughts on “Q Is For Quiet”

  1. My mind is sometimes like a train! And it’s crazy because I’ll be outside and I’ll look at the moon or something in the sky, and I’ll just try to enjoy the moment. I just take a minute to relax and take in what’s around me and my ears get that feeling like I’ve been around a busy highway or a bunch of people. The silence takes me by surprise.

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  2. This is so hard to do and yet so very critical. I facilitate men’s recovery groups through my church and it’s so hard not to just vomit knowledge on them but instead encourage their own thought processes… And they are usually forming their own responses while we are speaking anyway, so what we say often gets missed.

    It’s much more fun to ask questions and lovingly guide them to their own conclusions and watch the joy as they find the treasure themselves.

    Love what you do brother, press on!

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    1. It is hard. And it truly does take effort. My girlfriend a few years ago told me once that I wasn’t hearing her. And it actually hurt, until I realized she was right. Then I became intentional about it. It made a huge difference not only in our relationship but when I was listening to the guys tell me their struggles. Before I would say my thoughts I would repeat some of the things they said to me, so they knew I heard them.

      Thanks brother! I appreciate you and your ministry!

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    1. Thank you Melissa. Everyone always told me I was good listener but I really wasn’t listening…I was hearing them. It wasn’t until my girlfriend, a few years back, told me I wasn’t listening to her that I truly understood the difference between the two.

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