Sunday Music: Resurrection Band | Wendi’s Rap/Right On Time

Today I will be sharing two videos from one of original Jesus Music bands. And the reason I am sharing two videos is because I just can not share one without the other.

And honestly I went on a Rez band kick yesterday and I’m like there is no way I can share just one freaking video because every song of theirs has moved me at one time or another. There is not a single song of theirs that I do not like!

And then I ran across Wendi’s Rap. I have heard her story in person and it is powerful. Yeah…ok God this is the one.

I had heard about Resurrection Band from a friend of mine my sophmore year of high school. And the cool thing was…they were coming to town.

This was not your let’s play the show and leave type of band. Oh no…

Rez was ministry driven! They would talk during the show about Jesus, they had altar call at the end of the shows, that I attended, and they stuck around and talked to the kids. I’m not sure who wanted to stay and talk more…Wendi or Glenn. They just love people!

But I am glad they stayed because every show that me and my best friend Joey attended..which was a bunch…we brought friends along with us. And not just for the music but for the messages of hope scattered amongst the songs and after the show.

Such a powerful ministry they have had for decades. They began their ministry in the early 70’s. Though the band is not together anymore Glenn still tours!

Just a heads up…Wendi’s Rap could be a trigger for some. And yet for some it could be the most freeing thing they have every seen and heard!

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