Do Everything With All Your Heart

Yeah…this is tough.

Do everything with all your heart!

How many of us go to work and do our job with all of our heart? This is a definite no for me right now. But I’m trying to get better…lol.

How many of us wash clothes with all of our heart? I know I don’t! Not anymore.

How many of us make love to our partner with all of our heart? If we did, their pleasure would come before ours!

How many of us drive the kid taxi service or simply driving to and from anywhere with all our heart? Yeah…Ok…maybe to church.

What about putting in Elmo’s World for the millionth time because it is THEIR favorite movie? Yeah…no. That’s like listening to one those talking toys people give our kids for a few hours…destroy it!

What about our Bible reading and prayer time? When we talk to God, are we truly doing it with all our heart? I know sometimes I don’t.

How do we get to the point where we actually want to do something with all of our heart, much less everything?

Does it come from having a joyous heart all the time? That can’t be it! Nobody is joyous ALL the time.

Does it come from the fact that we are forgiven? Nope, that can’t be it either. We can know we are forgiven and yet still get ticked over a chore!

I believe (I am preaching to myself in this post by the way) that it is only possible when we come to realize that everything we do is a reflection of our relationship with God! If we love Him then we will want to be a pleasing example to others!

Father, grant me the strength to see things in a different light. May I do all things with every ounce of my heart tied in because I love you, I want to please you and I want others to see you in me…

10 thoughts on “Do Everything With All Your Heart”

  1. Thanks for this post……we are on the same page right now. I am trying to be mindful of not just going through the motions. Because when we are intentional, then we are truly living in the moment……and when we do things with whole heart and soul for the LORD…….HE sees us and smiles. Isn’t this the best way to be?
    I do struggle with the everyday things……like just cleaning and trying to find the joy in it!! So thanks for this reminder and blessings friend.

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    1. Being intentional was my new years “resolution”. In some areas I have succeeded and in others I have not. The same is true with the whole heart aspect. Like you, it’s in the everyday things that I have a hard time with. Blessing to you as well Maxine!

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