P Is For Priority

Do you make God a priority in you life or do you just reach out to Him when things are not going so good?

Is you wife a priority in your life or do you just talk to her when you want something…like dinner, sex or a night with the guys?

Are you children a priority in your life or do you only talk to them when it’s convenient for you?

God first, wife second, children third and everything else falls wherever it needs to behind them.

If God is not a priority in your life, then who is? Yourself? Your running mates?

Quality time with God!

Quality time with your wife!

Quality time with your kids!

Making them a priority means actually spending time with them.

Read God’s Word and pray….often…and about anything.

Y’all all know how I feel about time spent with a spouse and children. I will not go into it…today.

Make time. There is NO way you are that dang busy. Something can go to prioritize your family!

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