Sunday Music: Sweet Comfort Band | Armed And Ready

The moment I heard this song I was hooked! This and Valerie are my personal favorites off the album Cutting Edge. Oh how I miss lyrical content like this!

Sweet Comfort Band, Resurrection Band, Stryper and Petra…ahhhh! They stayed in my tape deck.

If you have never listened to SCB I highly recommend checking them out. Classic!

I used to work out to Contender off their Hearts of Fire album while in High School.

So many of their songs just moved me back then. I still occasionally get it the mood, like for this post, and just lose myself in the music and lyrics. Bryan Duncan and Randy Thomas wrote some amazing songs together over the years and then Bryan Duncan went on a solo career and Randy Thomas formed Allies. Both continuing to share their love of Jesus thru their music.

As a teen the armed and ready thought seemed real and got me pumped. Very quickly I realized that I didn’t know what it meant to really put that armor on and BE ready.

I got hit by so many freaking arrows I felt like I was standing against a wall with everyone shooting at me. And when I fell all you could see on the wall were arrows and an impression of my body where I stood.

I survived though. And I am still here. Thank God I’m not getting hit by as many arrows anymore. I learned how to put that armor on and be ready. It’s just that some times you get tired.

That’s where I am at now. I’m tired…but I press on.

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