Sexual Purity Is Not Just For Singles

Do not believe that sexual purity is only for singles.

What if I told you that someone was coming to speak at your church on the topic of sexual purity, who would you assume to be the target audience? Most likely, you would think the seats will be filled with teenagers and single adults.

The purity movement has almost always targeted teens. But guess what? The message of sexual purity also applies to those who are married as well.

Temptations of pornography, lustful thoughts, and other sexual sin don’t disappear once you say I do on your wedding day. Most men and women will face significant sexual temptation at some point in their marriage. For many, it is a daily struggle.

To make matters more confusing, the church is often silent regarding what sexual purity looks like in a marriage. So Christians are confused. I’m often asked if it is OK for a husband and wife to view pornography together. Uhmmm…no it’s NOT ok! Your are killing the very thing you are trying to spice up!

Many Christian women have read romance novels where some of them are pretty explicit in describing a sexual scene and feel it is acceptable because they are married. No, it’s not ok either. The visuals in their head are not of their husband!

Husbands and wives wear a different form of purity ring – it’s called a wedding ring. It symbolizes the commitment to forsake all others in thought, action and desire.

Marriage should be honored by all and the marriage bed kept pure.

Hebrews 13:4

God created sexual intimacy for a husband and wife to find great pleasure and excitement. He has given a married couple a lot of freedom in their enjoyment. However, the call to purity of keeping all sexual thoughts and actions between a husband and wife is always a priority.

Whether you are single or married, if you have given your life to Christ, every area of yourself should to be yielded to Him. That includes your sexuality.

7 thoughts on “Sexual Purity Is Not Just For Singles”

  1. This is very true, many women read what are called “Romance Novels” I opened one just to look, it was pure filth written by a well known and renowned authoress. Graphic details on just the page I opened. I had to close the book. This is a very important topic and one the church is responsible for teaching. Many people do not know how to identify what is porn and some call it soft porn. To me porn is porn. With social media we have food porn and that expression just grosses me out.

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