I Will….

I have made a lot of bad choices in my life over the last 40 years or so. There are a lot of folks that can attest to it too…my mom for sure, my aunts and uncles, my best friends, my coworkers, women I have loved and my brothers and sisters in Christ and most importantly God. He knows about the ones no one else knows about. By making those poor choices I have let a lot people down over the years too. But MOST importantly I have let God down over and over and over again.

All those choices were the result of being tested. Sometimes I would pass with flying colors. Sometimes I would pass only by reaching out to friends for help.  And yet others I would fail miserably at because deep down I didn’t want to fight.

Those are the ones that hurt me the most. I knew exactly what I doing…willingly going against what my heart told me was right. Then it just became a slow fade into darkness as I continued down that road.

I have stolen things. I have lied and cheated. I have had premarital sex. I have cursed. I have done things that have harmed my body. Basically I have sinned, if you look at it from a Christian stand point.

I will be very honest right here and right now. I WILL let you down! It does not matter who you are..one day Stuart Lee Tutt will let you down. I will do something, say something, not do or not say something that will either hurt you or make you doubt my sincerity, though it is never my intention.

But here is the flip side…one day you will let me down too. You will do or say something or not say or do something that hurts me either physically, emotionally or maybe even spiritually. But more importantly than letting me down is the fact that you will also let God down.

And here is why….we are ALL sinners. We all have faults.

I have learned to live with my mistakes ONLY by the grace of God. I have made amends were possible and will continue to do so as God brings forth such opportunities. I have also learned from said mistakes and try very hard not to make those mistakes the next time, though sometimes I do…sadly.

God is still working on and in me as I journey from sinner to saint just as He is with you. We must each work out our own salvation with reverence, awe and trembling as spoken by Paul in Philippians 2:12.


Let us each do so in love and forgiveness through Christ not knowing the persons struggles.

19 thoughts on “I Will….”

  1. The best friends are the Christians who exude much grace. You are so right that we all let each other down at one time or another. And absolutely everyone is struggling with something, the ones who look most together may be the least together. Thanks for your transparency, Stuart.

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  2. Indeed, we are all sinners and we all have faults. Someone said a saint is someone who sins less and less but confesses more and more. Excellent post!


    1. As am I Dean. I quit smoking for my mission trip but getting back to states and the stress got me. It, like other addictions, can be overcome. We just have to want to stop. For me I like smoking. That’s my problem.


  3. I have let countless people down during my life. I will let down even more people with each passing year. However, it takes courage to call yourself out. To be able to put yourself back into place. It’s easier noticing someone else’s flaws but your own.

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  4. This is very true. I fail on a daily basis. I think this is what Paul was talking about when he was talking about the things he should do are the very things he doesn’t want to do and vice versa. He then said, “oh wretched man that I am.” I really feel those words often.

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