Don’t Get Upset Over The Little Things…For One Day They May Be Gone

Dear friends please remember this as you go about your day:

For every half drunk cup of coffee left by the sink in the morning as your spouse rushes out the door to go to work and you sigh because now you have to pour out the coffee and rinse the cup, there is a spouse who would love the chance to have that cup sitting there again every morning.

For every pile of dirty clothes left on the bathroom floor as your child hops in the tub, hurrying to bathe and dry off to get to bed and you get aggravated because you have to pick it up when it would only have taken a few seconds for them to do it themselves, there is a mom or dad out there who would love the chance to pick up their child’s dirty clothes one more time.

Say I love you often…for one day you may not be able to anymore.

19 thoughts on “Don’t Get Upset Over The Little Things…For One Day They May Be Gone”

  1. Yes Stu your post was profound! I do miss all those little messes my son used to make. I miss stepping on those legos left on the floor. It all meant that he was still under my roof, safe and sound. I miss him every day now that he is grown and gone and making his way in the world. So embrace all those little things……they are treasures!!

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      1. Oh yes, we can always find someone missing someone. Because we almost lost my son, I am always grateful that he is alive, forever trusting that GOD has HIS hand on him……now and for all eternity!!

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  2. This one! I remember when I had my daughter and how tough it was trying to keep up with being a new mum. But every time I wanted to complain, I remembered a dear friend who lost hers 4 days after mine was born, and I’ll tell myself she would want some of my ‘problems’ now if she could pay for it. Like Kathy said, we need an eternal perspective. Help me, Lord.

    Thanks, Stu.

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