N Is For Navigate

To navigate through this life takes a lot of work.

It is not as easy as getting in your car and moving from point A to point B.

I know there are some issues with trying to navigate with any type of vehicle. There are detours caused by construction. Emotions come in to play when someone cuts us off or is driving too freaking slow on the highway.

We also have to be aware of other drivers trying to navigate themselves to wherever they are going.

In life there are so many variables to navigate through.

You can have low self-esteem that can keep you from reaching the heights you desire because of words spoken into your life or actions taken against you by others.

You can have more out go than income when it comes to finances that cause so much stress you want to just give up.

You could be in a position where you feel you need to self medicate yourself to numb the hurt and pain caused by something out of your control.

For some of us children come along and change everything 🙂

I believe we all know how difficult life can be.

I have no idea how I could navigate anything anymore without my relationship with God.

How about you? Could you see yourself trying to navigate this life without the help of the Father?

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