Sunday Music: Siloam | Despair

Despair (2)

Lord, this world needs a Savior

This whole notion of keeping up with the Jones’ is quite literally tearing the family apart.

What started off several generations ago as trying to be better off than our parents has nearly destroyed marriage completely.

We have married couples that do not get to spend time together because they work so much to make ends meet.

We have parents who…might…get to see their children for a total of eight hours a week. It’s not right! I know this was not part of your plan.

We have husbands and wives sitting in the same room that text one another instead of actually having a conversation face to face. So sad.

We have more homeless people than ever before.

We have more broken homes than I care to think about.

We have more and more people becoming addicted to various things in order to just cope with life. I know for a fact, that is not part of your design God.

We have babies (basically) raising babies with the help of the state.

We have young girls and boys being molested by family or friends.

We have young women and men selling their bodies for sex..some willingly..many more against their will.

Many of your children are being kidnapped, raped and killed before they even get the chance to know who you are much less know you.

Parents are losing their children in tragic ways too early in life. It’s leaving behind a lot of sadness and despair.

Everywhere I look I see despair with little hope. It hurts me Lord to know that what this world needs it does not want. They do not want the real you.

Where do I fit in?

What can I possibly do Lord to show hope to a dying and lost world?

Lord there are so many days that I just can not take any more…then I bend my knees…and pray.

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