L Is For Lust

Lust…that sexual desire…that longing to be physical with someone.

Yeah, I am fighting that urge with every fiber of my being. It doesn’t seem to get any easier when the arrows fly my way. It seems to get harder.

Saying no to porn is somewhat easy. I just pick up the phone and read y’all’s blog posts or text a friend and vent.

But that God given desire to be both physical and sexual with someone…I can’t avoid.

Prayers please. I need to more strength!

24 thoughts on “L Is For Lust”

  1. Stu, praying to the mighty One whose power in you is the same power He used to raise Christ from the dead. Seek His kingdom and righteousness first in all things and they will be added to you (Matthew 6:33). Keep speaking His name Jesus, my Lord and Savior. He listens, He is there.

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  2. If the porn and alcohol industry shut down tonight, Iโ€™d break out into tears of joy. I know how you feel brother. Itโ€™s not easy, but possible!

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  3. “But that God given desire to be both physical and sexual with someoneโ€ฆI canโ€™t avoid.” This confuses me a little Stu. I understand the necessity of a recovering porn addict, or anyone really, to guard his/her heart and mind from sexual objectification, and other sexual immorality and sin, but how or why does someone need to avoid that God given desire? Are you asking for strength to control and manage it, or to suppress and deny it? Or for a healthy perspective while you wait for God to fulfill that desire of your heart? Is a longing for sexual intimacy that shameful and awful? Or just what any of us do with that desire? I can’t avoid it either.

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    1. I do not want to deny it Cynthia. There is nothing wrong with the longing for sexual intimacy. It is so beautiful! I need strength to control those desires. The waiting is tough. It would be so easy just to go have sex with someone to relieve part of the urge, but I want more. I want that shared intimacy not the selfishness of lust.

      Does that make sense?

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      1. Yes, it makes sense. And I am smiling at the thread of integrity and purity in your words and heart because I know it is authentic. You have tasted the beauty of sexual intimacy, so of course you desire that real thing and not a substitute. But you achingly wait, tempted by the flesh. I wait too, but it is as one who doubts that it truly exists, so it is a similar, yet different ache. Blessings to you, my friend.

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