Snakes In The Playground

Dear Fathers,

I know we look forward to walking our little girl down the aisle one day. I also know that many of us do not want that to happen until she is like 40. I believe that all of us want to do that, not only with a smile on our face but one on our heart as well knowing that we, as her father, have done all that we could to raise her in a Godly fashion.

But before we get that opportunity there are many things that I believe we must do.

First and foremost, you must lead by example. You should exhibit the very qualities you want your daughter to be looking for in a man.

You should be letting your little girl hear you tell her mother how much you love her every single day. Your daughter needs to not only hear of your love for her mother but she needs to see it in action.

That action can be in many forms. A simple kiss and hug for her mother when you get home. Instead of sitting in your favorite chair when you get home help with dinner. You should help with the dishes, the laundry and any other things that come to mind to show your love for her mother.

You should be telling her mother how beautiful she is in front of your little girl every day. She needs to see it in your eyes when you say it too.

You should be allowing her to see you kiss her mother as often as possible. Make them passionate kisses. It will let your daughter know that it is ok, to not only receive passion but to give it as well.

You need to be walking in integrity. It doesn’t matter if your daughter is with you or not she should be able to trust in the fact that your heart and your eyes are set only for your spouse. You do not need to be looking at other women in any form or fashion.

You should actually get to know the boy/young man that your daughter likes. Spend some time with this young man. You want to protect your daughter. You need to be willing to ask the hard questions. Now, when she finds out that you have asked certain questions she may be upset with you, but she will understand as she becomes older. She will come to realize that you are only trying to protect her.

Before you walk her down the aisle, though, her life will be full of trials. Some of those trials will be easy for her to handle. Others will not. The main thing you can do to prepare her for these trials and life in general is to point her to Christ. You need to nurture her in her relationship with the Father and His son because there will be snakes hiding out along the way in her journey.

Snakes in the playground…if you will.


A boyfriend who is viewing porn on a regular basis and could ask her the hard questions before you can ask him your questions. What if he wants her to become part of the blowjob club?

A single pop-up while she is looking at her laptop, which if she clicks on it could lead her to things she does not need to see. What would she do? How would she react? Would she come to you and say “Hey dad, this weird pop-up keeps appearing…could you make it go away? I feel uneasy with it showing up.”

A pop-up while you are looking at your laptop. What if she is walking by and you, not knowing she is there, click on the pop-up? She will lose her trust in you as your integrity goes down the drain in a heartbeat.

What if you do watch porn and forget to clear the site from view and gets on the computer next? What will she think? Will she believe that men really and truly like seeing things like that?

What if she is staying at a friend’s house and that friend has porn on her tablet? What would your daughter do if handed that tablet?

What about the peer pressure to smoke, drink, try drugs or have sex?

If you have led her properly and in a Godly manner she will be able to see those snakes coming at her before they strike.

Lead dear father…lead and walk in integrity.


God Bless,


Dads, check out this great post from Songs Of Intimacy where she talks about the importance of TELLING our daughters how beautiful they are, how amazingly talented they are and that they have value and worth. Because if We, as dads, do not let them  know these things they will seek it from others. And that can be a bad thing.

11 thoughts on “Snakes In The Playground”

  1. I will bring the rod of discipline down on any young man who disrespects or hurts my daughter. I don’t care if I am 60 years old. If she needs my help, I will be there. Good word of encouragement brother! Men need to be setting a righteous example!

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  2. Good post! It is so true like you mentioned that girls will look for any affection, praise and approval the father didn’t give/show them. I know from experience how that turns out. Fathers need to let daughters know that they are beautiful, smart and loved.

    You are a wonderful Father Brother Stuart.

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  3. Good words Stuart, more so in these days a Father has to be vigilant for both his daughter and son. Sad old world but there we have it. You are raising your children the right way in God and Jesus Christ. May you continue to be blessed.

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