J Is For Journey

The journey to find something that fits that big hole in our heart can be fun at times but so painful in the end.

For me, personally, I tried a lot of alcohol and a lot sex to fill that hole. It was fun but in the end it was painful as it still left me feeling empty in side.

It took me on a very long journey down a road that I never saw myself going down.

The problem is that the hole is not meant to be filled with such things.

That hole was designed to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Once you have the Holy Spirit you start another long journey, for some of us anyway, trying to get rid of all the old stuff that was bad for you and replace it with good stuff.

There is a beauty in this journey we are on! A journey out of bondage and into freedom. A journey from eternal separation from the Creator to eternity in His prescence.

23 thoughts on “J Is For Journey”

      1. Yes, you are right 😦 But it is the pain of my own journey that makes me so glad He’s walking me through. Journey has been the word He gave me too. 🙂 Praying your journey is filled with His peace.

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  1. This was incredible. Our journeys help us and shape us to be a better version of ourselves, the one Jesus wanted for us all along. We learn and do better for ourselves and our children. So that they may learn from our mistakes. 😊🙏🏽

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      1. Yes, most definitely. Unfortunately even seeing others mistakes doesn’t keep us from doing it ourselves. But through my disobedience, my ego, Gods been there, even as to help me not to have gotten into a bigger ordeal. Oh! The hurt, there’s always hurt, are we too sentimental, our children let us down – even as much as an eye roll can hurt my heart, our spouses, it seems never ending. It can seem though, because if we can just focus our eyes on Him, I think there’s a good chance we’d stop looking to others to fill us up with happiness and know that Jesus is enough.

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