Prayer Requests/Praise Reports For The Month Of October | Update

Attention everyone! The prayer group is up and running. You can still join the prayer group by sending me your email to

I will pin a Prayer Request post every month. Anyone can comment their prayer requests. That way anyone can read the requests and pray for that person and/or situation. Praise reports on answered prayer would be lovely as well 😉

If you do not want a prayer request posted publicly like that, then send me an email and I will update the group prayer and we will pray for you.

For those in the prayer group/core group….thank you so much for helping to make this a reality!

There is power in prayer!

So let’s begin…

Who needs prayer?


We have several join the prayer group as well as several prayer requests sent in.

I have a praise report! My old accountability partner/friend/brother talked today for the first time in years on the phone. God has a unique way of bringing people back to each other. Answered prayer for sure!

If you have a praise report please feel free to share it with us all 🙂

Please keep sending in your prayer requests. We truly love praying for you!

16 thoughts on “Prayer Requests/Praise Reports For The Month Of October | Update”

  1. What better thing we can do for one another across the miles of the internet and social media than to pray for one another……there is such power in it! This is a wonderful idea to do!!

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  2. Please pray for me. I’m recovering from a procedure I didn’t plan on having done today and I’m also waiting on lab results. It’s been a rough couple of months.

    Thank you. 💕

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