Power Of A Praying Husband

Men, when we pray for our spouses we need to remember that we are to love them as Christ loves the church..selflessly!

While in the garden of Gethsemane Jesus prayed not my will but thine.

Do not ask God to change your spouse because there are things you do not like anymore. All people change over time. And in marriage you both change, this is part of life and God’s design. We can not be selfish in our prayers for our spouses.

This is one area I failed at in my marriage. Oh, I prayed for my wife daily and I mean daily several times. I prayed for a loving wife and loving mother. I prayed for her heart. I prayed for our sex life. But none of my prayers were according to God’s will. They were all my desires.

When you pray for God’s will to be done in your wife and your marriage, you will get more than you had desired. For our Father knows what we need more than we do. Remember He created her just for you..He knows!

Men, you want to know what changed the way I pray for people in general?

Go buy a copy of The Power of a Praying Husband!!

I will tell you I had to go tell my ex-wife how sorry I was and ask her for forgiveness, after reading this book, for not praying for her properly.

This book impacted me so much that I use the same principles for praying for all my friend’s and anyone who asks me to pray for them regardless of the situation.

Ladies…I read The Power of a Praying Wife as well. Just because I wanted to see the flip side. She is spot on with what we men need prayer for, especially as husbands!

19 thoughts on “Power Of A Praying Husband”

  1. I love all of her books. Have used them for years. The one for praying over your children meant the most. She also has one for praying over your adult children. Using that one in this season. Thanks for sharing and be blessed. xxx

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        1. It does! I actually read that one because I was curious and it is spot on for what we, as men, need prayer for. I was impressed and actually teared up reading it because it was so in tune with what I needed prayer for as a husband…at the time.


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