G Is For Grateful

One of the easiest ways to show how grateful you are is with two words…thank you.

Show your appreciation for that dinner…say thank you!

Many times your spouse may not be in the mood for sex and yet they agree to please you…say thank you!

Heck, even if you both want it…say thank you as you hold each other in the afterglow!

Say thank you to that employee that went out of their way to help you!

Say thank you to your child who drew you a picture out of love for you!

As a blogger, we have many opportunities to show how grateful we are for each other. We comment on posts, we like them, we follow each other and yes, we pray for one another. And still a simple thank you goes a long way when it comes from the heart!

There are so many things to be grateful for in this life…sometimes we take them for granted. And we can’t afford to do that!

26 thoughts on “G Is For Grateful”

  1. I am grateful for you, Stuart. One of the surprises of blogging is all the wonderful, Christ-filled people I meet. I never knew! I’m grateful that you are one of them, and grateful for your blessings and Truth.

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