Mixed Up Priorities | Missing Out

When you stay glued to your phone, tablet, computer or gaming console, you are missing out on so much!

You may be missing out on your children growing up….that special Daddy! Daddy! Come see moment.

You may be missing out on enjoying an intimate marriage…you can’t communicate if your not talking or listening!

You may be missing out on deep friendships filled with meaning and purpose.

Your fear that you’re going to miss out on something happening on social media may cause you to miss out on what matters most!

Put it down and engage those around you!

22 thoughts on “Mixed Up Priorities | Missing Out”

  1. so true……….i see so many moms at the park with their kids………moms are completely engrossed in their phones paying little attention to their children……..makes me sad. great reminder!

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  2. But I CAN’T! I have to read stubaby77 and Amy, and John, and Vickie, and Vivian, and Daily, and Vanessa, and Ana, and Wendi, and Christy, and William, and Jess, and Julie, and Maxine…………
    😊 lol, Stuart. I absolutely agree with you! Much as I love my blogpeeps, it is necessary and enjoyable to put it aside and physically interact.

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