Are We In A Comatose State To Those Hurting Around Us?

Music moves me. It always has and probably always will. My ex-wife use to giggle at me when she would come into the living room while I was listening to certain music. There was no telling what she would see. I would either be playing the air guitar, air drums or just chilling with my eyes closed. She has seen me laugh and cry during the same song.

I understand that music is different for everyone. I am one of those where the lyrical content is very important. Many times while driving to and from work I will just tear up over the lyrics of a song because it touched me at the right moment. Some of them, God will touch my heart so hard. Sometimes it is the tears of joy. Other times He reaches the depths of my heart and I just weep tears of sadness.

This is one of those songs:

I was not prepared for this song when I first heard it. I just driving along and the lyrics slammed me…hard.

“He’s lost inside addiction. Images flash through his head. In the dark of this affliction. There’s time that he’d rather be dead.” “People are preaching but no one is reaching”

And I cried. Not for me..per se…but for all the others who are addicted, both male and female. Trust me, I have cried enough for myself over the years in reference to my own struggle with porn and self-worth. And that is why I can cry for others now. I have been there and know the pain associated with it.

There was a time in my life when sexual images would flash through my head. I was lost in my addiction and felt as if there was no way out. I knew I was not alone, yet at the same time felt as if no one cared if I stayed on that path or not. It hurts to feel that way. And I am sure some of you can relate…

Yes, the tide has turned as far as people speaking of the dangers of pornography. But, is just speaking out about the dangers enough? Are we offering hope to those dying in their addictions? Are we telling them of Christ? Are we letting them know they have a God who loves them..a God who will forgive them based on a love so deep that He let His Son die for their addiction and sin?

Are we willing to out on a limb and actually help them? Helping does include praying for them with a sincere heart.

Are we willing to have those hard conversations? If someones comes to you and says “I fell last night.” How do you respond? Do you just simply say I am praying for you or are you asking those real hard questions that need to be asked?

  • What did you do?
  • What triggered it?
  • Why did you not reach out to me when the temptation hit?
  • How did you feel afterwards?
  • What area do you need the most prayer in?

Those questions may seem trivial to some but they are hard questions to an addict. It makes them think. It makes them become honest with themselves. And that is one of the hardest things ever. But once they realize the importance of sharing with someone and praying with someone they will be more likely to succeed.


I’ll be honest, statistics depress me. I understand the need for them but still…when you consider that statistically over half of ALL men have dealt with pornography in one form or is depressing. But what is troubling me more and more is that one is every three women are now suffering what many have termed “a guy thing”. Plus the age a child is exposed to porn is a LOT younger than it use to be. Now, by the age of 9 boys and girls are exposed. Many are not looking for is just there on Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler.

Last year a young boy, age 12, became the youngest person to be arrested and charged as a sex offender. AGE 12!!!

Considering the fact that the human brain is not fully developed until we reach age of 25, this is dangerous and treacherous ground our children are treading on. It’s dangerous for an adult as well, where one decision can lead them from safety to loosing everything they hold dear.

So are we doing enough? I venture so that no we are not. It is time for us, the church, to wake up and see what is going on around us. We need to get out of our comatose state and realize in fact there are people hurting and dying all around us. You can not be alert to the pain of others if you are in a comatose state, lacking alertness. We are called to be alert.

1 Peter 5:8

Be sober, be vigilant, because our adversary, the devil, like a roaring lion walks about, seeking whom he may devour.

If you know someone who is struggling with an addiction or casual issue with porn, please point them to an accountability program. Give that person your email so they can add you to the list of people who will get an email if they go to a site deemed inappropriate. A good program is offered by XXXChurch called X3Watch. One can sign up for a month or a year. If they can not afford to pay for it on their own, please consider making an investment in their life and help them in finding freedom and hope.


X3 Watch

Freedom can be had! But it is not by looking up at someone’s nose and a hardened heart but rather by looking up and seeing a heart that cares and a hand that is willing to pull them up to solid ground.

If you are willing to take a stand with and for someone please consider volunteering to become their accountability partner. Be the strong person who asks the hard questions. One, who will pray for them as well as with them in person or over the phone.

Comatose was written by Joseph Rojas and Jeremy Jolderfield of Seventh Day Slumber for their 2014 release We Are The Broken. Joseph always writes from the heart. He has a heart for God. He has a heart for his fans and for the lost. This song reflects on all aspects. In my opinion, this one song was specifically written for the believer to wake up and realize the world around one self.

God Bless,


This was originally written on April 20th, 2015

9 thoughts on “Are We In A Comatose State To Those Hurting Around Us?”

  1. Good morning Stuart. Such truth. Such courage for you to speak out. Such leadership to draw those of us NOT addicted to be noticing and partnering with those who need accountability. In my own life, I know the power of this verse in James. In the power of Christ, I speak out on such things as depression, sexual abuse, alcohol addiction. God has given me some individuals to minister to. I think if we all stay close to hear His guidance, we shall be more united as His church, sharing the burdens and the joys in each other’s lives. May God bless you and your writing dear brother.

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    1. Good morning Julie! If it was not for the truth behind that verse I would probably still be in a bad place. Praise God for the men who came into my life and held me accountable! Amen to sharing one another’s burdens and joys!

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