C Is For Compassion

Courage, conversation, compassion is what God says apparently. That was my initial word and changed it twice. Then this morning compassion came back.

Compassion is something we show another person when they are going through rough times.

It can be a random act of kindness.

It can be simply listening as someone shares their struggles.

It can be remembering where you came from before you pass judgement because another person is not as strong in their faith as you are NOW.

It can be trying to understand someone’s struggle, how they got there and why they want it to stop.

It can be a simple embrace.

It can be praying for someone you do not like because you have been in their shoes and wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

These are all forms of compassion we express and I could go on, but I believe you understand.

Without compassion for others we are just an empty shell without love, hope or character. Without compassion we can not exemplify Christ to the world.

18 thoughts on “C Is For Compassion”

  1. Great post! If we dropped the first 3 letters there, we’d understand what compassion is. An earnest love and concern for others.

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  2. How true, Stuart! I miss compassion in the world around me. I think it is abundantly misunderstood. It doesn’t mean tolerance, or accepting evil, or live and let live. It means showing the love of God because He first loved us, no matter the situation.

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