My Post Picks For September

This months post picks begins with God Will Not Break Us by Chad at Desire Mercy. This is just a great post. A post of how great our God is and almost brought me tears as I reflected back over my recovery process and all the failed attempts to be clean. God didn’t beat me up. He did the complete the opposite!

My friend Sherri over at At The Hem gives us a wonderful post on how to Walk In Integrity

Amy, my dear blogging sister, has given us a powerful poem that was inspired from a comment on one her recent posts. It is entitled Wounded Soul Survivor. Please read it and say a prayer for the one it is written for. She is a friend, who unfortunately is going through a hard time right now.

A Pleasing Smell is a great post that should be a sermon from behind the pulpit. Vickie, I absolutely loved this post from your heart ❤

I’ve Lost My Voice by Eniola is a very open and honest look into her heart as she shares with us one of her journal entries. I believe we can all relate to this one!

I highly recommend reading Kristian’s The Cadillac Lounge! I’m so caught up in this story of Lorraine and Dean. I believe it’s because I can see myself in Dean and my love of a lifetime as Lorraine. What are you waiting for? Click the link and start reading!!

My friend Johanna has a wonderful post ladies about vaginal pain during sex even long after giving birth. Check it out…Returning To Normal: One Thing You Were Not Expecting

Men, here is one for you from The Isaiah 53:5 Project entitled 7 Ways To Not Be A Jerk To Your Wife. Ladies, it can be for you too…

Expectations can be a pain and my good friend Muneeta at Inner Voice shares a great piece with us on how Expensive Expectations can be. It’s powerful!

Ryan has such a wonderful way with words. Check out his story of getting Refreshment From The Lord in the form of repentance! Yeah, I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes at the screen, with the whole cliché REPENT! For the kingdom of God is at hand thing! And I get it. But stop rolling your eyes and go read this beautiful post. It just might change your view on repentance.

Melissa shares with us an exclusive look into how the love from her mom helped to shape her basic ideas of God’s love for her in What Would It Take? Amazing Faith.

Pastor Darrell has written a great post on sexual immortality in Flee! And Other Ways To Resist Sexual Immortality.

Bruce gives us a little reminder of how messed up and disappointing the world has become in Turning The World Upside Down. And yet he shows how we, as a people, can put all our differences aside to help one other in crisis. I wonder why we can not see that everyday there is a crisis and we need to look back at the original church and how they did turn the world upside down?

I will close out this months post picks with a very real look into the lives of our children and the parents who either have given up trying or do not know what to do…In Light Of #MeToo, Why Are We Sexualing Our Youth?. It is time to take a stand parents for the sake OF our children. I will share her closing paragraph with you, in light of my last sentence…

Make no mistake, there will be times of strife in a home where a parent says no. Many parents are not willing to persevere and get support to stand and fight this very important war for our children’s safety, heart, soul, spirit, well-being, sense of value, and a healthy relational future. Yet, that is the job of a parent. So, I encourage you to get support and take a righteous stand for your children. It will be met with resistance, but anything worth winning usually is. Of course, you won’t be able to monitor everything your teen does, but they should be crystal clear what your rules, limits, and values are and know your expectations for their behavior and dress. By laying out these clear boundaries, you make it easier for them to know when they are crossing them and may help reduce the distance they stray from them.

18 thoughts on “My Post Picks For September”

  1. What a power packed list of people and posts. I am truly humbled to be included. Your writing is a great blessing and I learned how to do something new from you here! I appreciate your ministry and kindness. Bless you!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for your kind words Melissa! Your post really touched my heart and know it will touch others as well. That’s totally cool that you learned something new from this post. What is that you learned, if you do not mind me asking?


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