B Is For Beautiful


Never waste a moment to look at the love of your life and take in her beauty! Cherish it! Honor it! Love it!

Tell her how beautiful she is everyday. Make a list of every body part including her heart and mind and write down why you love each part

Share it with her one night ❤

15 thoughts on “B Is For Beautiful”

    1. Aww! Haha! Very true though, not sure why that happens?! 🤔 Maybe it’s a mix of many things, lack of self acceptance? I for one absolutely 100% do not look like how I did when I met my husband – 10 years ago. Then you throw pregnancies and kids in the mix and it’s a total sh$t show! So, yes, I will not ‘believe’ him when he says something nice, not because of him, but because of my own self destructive thoughts. As they say, it’s not you, it’s me. 😊

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      1. That sounds right! Though I’m the sort that tries to hard to make her feel better about herself. But heck! I don’t look like how I used to either! Lol! I’m getting grey hair on my arms and chest now! I keep my hair kinda short, I recently tried to let it grow out and found a little landing zone up there that hasn’t been there before! The struggle is real to keep my chest bigger than my guy lol… so it’s not like I’m the stud she met years ago lol. But I like to be told I still got it lol.

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          1. It gets harder the more years we accumulate… I try to be creative with it to convince my wife.. sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t…

            Yes sir! My once dense forest is now thinning out…

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        1. Lol! Yup! Age is getting to all of us! I like to think my grays are my husbands doings – of course there’s also ‘the 6,’ lol, I like to blame things on others 😏 But thankfully I can take a quick trip to the beauty store and I hide those grays right up. 🙌🏽 Nope! There’s always pictures to remind us where we once were 😳 Now it’s reality that seems to slap me in the face. After six pregnancies, my body has been through it all! It’s also amazing to me at the same time to see what the woman body can achieve through the miracles of giving life.

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