More Weekend Goofiness With The Kids

This actually took place a few weekends ago. It just took a while to get the video from the photo booth to download. Ughhh..

Brandon so loves taking photos together, so when he found out we could get a video of the session he just hit the button πŸ™‚

The photo session comes after taking him to see the movie The Meg. I must say I was not only impressed with the movie but actually floored in the fact that there was no bad language, no sex and no nudity 😯. I even jumped once πŸ™‚

They love table hockey! Johnny’s Pizza on a Saturday morning after Taekwondo class. They each won one game.

I snuck this one while Brandon was playing Galaga. How could I resist? He was sticking out his tongue like he used to do when he was little whenever he was concentrating πŸ™‚

I so love my kids. The one prayer growing up that God truly answered…to be a dad.

I’ll be completely honest, there are days where I look at my kids and wonder…do I deserve them?


How blessed I am! You took the awkward prayer of a teen with a lot of baggage, guilt, shame and answered it. To allow me to understand just how much You love me!

The unconditional love that only a parent can understand. Why Lord, has it taken me so long to understand that no matter how many times I let you down, even on a daily basis, Your love never falters.

Just as mine will never falter for Brandon and Erin. And no matter what they do I will will always love them. I will always be their Dad!

I have been blessed beyond my own prayers.

Thank you Father!

30 thoughts on “More Weekend Goofiness With The Kids”

  1. Love the photo booth! So fun! Yes, I did the same, as a teen I prayed to be a mother when I got older, only to have an OB/GYN tell me because I had some issues in my ovaries, the chances of having kids were close to zero. Buy Gods far greater than any doctors diagnosis, He’s blessed me with six. Do I deserve their unconditional love, maybe not, but He thinks otherwise and His plans are greater than mine. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ½

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  2. I love these! What a fun papa. They look so comfortable with you, at peace. That only comes with boundaries, consistency, and unconditional love. You’re that good! 😊
    And the third picture in the series is my fav.

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  3. There needs to be a love button! ❀
    Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.
    James 1:17

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