Sunday Music: Discple | Dear X, You Don’t Own Me

When this song came out I was battling a lot of things. Some of those include depression, anger, bitterness and yeah loneliness.

I still have those issues at times. Thank God not as bad…well except the loneliness part…again. It comes in waves.

But the main thing I was overcoming was my struggle with porn.

As I was gaining my freedom the enemy just kept ponding at me and ponding. It was not easy.

I would fall and get up. And then fall again. It felt like a never ending cycle there for a while.

Then those falls became further and further apart as I learned to avoid certain triggers and/or situations.

Then I hear this song! You talk about an anthem for freedom from addiction!

Put a target on my forehead and fire away…

You’ve got no bullets…

I once was yours…I’m not anymore…

Fire away he did.

He tried real hard to get me back…

What we had together was a lie…

There was no love…

There was no intimacy…

Just shame, guilt and regret

Not going back!! You don’t own me!

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