Prayer Group & Requests

This week has just been one of those I wish I could start over…

Here I am sitting in the doctor’s office trying to figure out if I have pneumonia again.

Monday, I lost 40 in cash and Waffle House’s new staff so disappointed me I walked out. That has never happened! All I received in twenty minutes was one cup of coffee and none of the food I ordered ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I pushed through Tuesday without leaving work.

Today was different. I just have no energy. I’m tired of coughing and spitting up gunk too.

Three hours later with one shot, three prescriptions and my light bill money spent on the doctor visit I am going to lay down and rest until time for church….

That nap was NOT long enough… lol

Now for the real reason for this post…

For those who sent me emails saying you wanted to be a part of the prayer group I truly appreciate it. I am fixing to combine everyone into a group so I can just mass email everyone.

What I will do is kind of like a two parter.

I will pin a Prayer Request post every month. Anyone can comment their prayer requests. That way anyone can read the requests and pray for that person and/or situation. Praise reports on answered prayer would be lovely as well ๐Ÿ™‚

If you do not want a prayer request posted publicly like that, then send me an email and I will update the group prayer and we will pray for you.

The second part of the prayer group/request is this..

For those in what I will term as the core group. Here is what I post…

Send me your prayer request, no matter how many or how in depth they are. With your permission I may condense it down to the vital points and send it out to everyone. Sort of like a news letter. I will include you name as the opening sentence and your prayer request will follow suite. I will include special prayer requests from other people as they request prayer from us.

For those of you have not sent in your email address and want to be a part of the unique prayer group in it never to late to send me an email.

I need accountability in my prayer life and I truly believe this will help. How about you?

33 thoughts on “Prayer Group & Requests”

  1. Praying you are well and feeling better soon. Take what time you need for you! Especially since you have those 2 beautiful gifts as well!
    Praying about your prayer groups. Prayers and praise are powerful accountability partners.
    God loves you, Stu! He cares about every little detail of your week!

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    1. You say you are coughing up a lot of gunk as you put it, mucous, phlegm. This is a healing and release. You have been communicating very strongly on many subjects. Getting it of your chest so to speak. What you are experiencing is to do with communication. You have found your voice to speak out and it releases the limitations or oppressed views you had or a fear to talk about such subjects. All communication difficulties are held in the chest and throat area. Praying for you, take care.

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