Sexuality : A Holy Metaphor

This video by Julie Slattery was shared with me by Bonny over at Oysterbed7 some time back.

I was at work. So on my lunch break I started watching not knowing what I was getting myself into. Well, I messaged Bonny back and said I should have waited til I got off work…I can’t stop crying.

This message that Julie presents is just so powerful! And to be honest something I never ever would have imagined.

I will not go into depth on my thoughts. I want you to watch…no I want you listen to the video.

I want your thoughts. Your deep thoughts.

If you are so moved write a post. I’m not saying share the video…you can…but share what you gained with your readers.

Maybe now people will understand why an ex-sex/porn addict is so passionate about sexual intimacy!

Have a great day everyone!!

6 thoughts on “Sexuality : A Holy Metaphor”

  1. Thank you for the share of the video. Very profound and thought provoking on how we should all contribute to creating a masterpiece for God. I liked the way Julie expanded on the meaning of holy sexuality and we all have our part to play in making the changes. To take on an Offence approach we must to rid the lures of satan. Bless you Stuart.

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  2. Excellent video! Thank you for sharing it.
    Sexuality has forever in the past portrayed as dirty-we-don’t-talk-about-it. Private isn’t the same as dirty. In the recent past, humanity has taken another, wrong, path: talk about it, do it, it’s free for everyone, any time.
    God does have a plan, an outline for His desires for us. We can never fully understand His love for us while here on Earth, but we can certainly pursue Him, read His Word, believe Him above all others, and obey.

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    1. The more we get to know God, the more we can love ourselves and in turn love our spouses better in all 3 categories…spiritually, mentally and physically.

      It is so sad that some men and women still believe sex to be dirty and shameful even within marriage.

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