God Can And Will Use You

Do not let others tell you that God could never use you for His kingdom!

If God could use Saul/Paul who murdered His children then God can use those who may have murdered someone with their words.

If God can use someone like me who has committed so many atrocities in his life, then trust me God can use you too.

If God can use a sex/porn addict to reach others…then, YES, God can and will use you too!

I’ll be honest. I used people for my own selfish needs and desires. But those very same stories of selfishness are exactly what God uses to free others…after I explain to them that God set me free and changed my heart and mind.

God uses rescued people to rescue people!

He rescued me! He pulled me out of the clay I was stuck in and brought freedom. Now, I show others that freedom is possible!

If God has rescued you, are you willing to listen to His voice and share your story to help others?

10 thoughts on “God Can And Will Use You”

  1. Stuart you redeemed yourself, that takes a lot of courage and work, therefore, God can use you. Likewise I have redeemed myself. God knows He can count on us as we are dedicated and committed to serve Him. God can see clearly into the soul or being of a person, God knows the truth of those He can trust, I really believe God would not just accept anyone to work for Him. God wants to see commitment, change and trying to conform to God’s ways. Bless you.

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  2. Luke was called “the beloved physician”. He was not one of the Lord’s twelve, but because of his love and faith, he said that he was given “perfect understanding” of the testimony of Jesus Christ. And was uniquely used to write a gospel account. Imagine that… a doctor who physically did not walk with the Lord, but spiritually, he was as close as the twelve! This is how God can use you!

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