Do we truly understand their meaning?

Do we understand how they work?

Do we realize their power?

Do we truly, and I mean truly, understand that they can either tear someone down to the point of suicide or bring them out of their pit?

Do we realize that the spoken word can literally break someone’s heart or give them life?

Now, I know I have written several times on the power of words and word play but because I keep hearing from people who had words spoken to them as a child and have carried them to adulthood I must keep bringing this to the light.

I have several female friends. They are my sisters in Christ and I love them dearly but they have no joy…if you will. Growing up they had bad words spoken into their life over and over again that they were either worthless, overweight, not pretty, a slut and some I will not say. Most of these women have amazing careers, are amazingly beautiful and have wonderful husbands that speak positive words into their lives but because of the past they will NOT let the positive in because they feel they are either lying to make them feel good or nuts. They just don’t believe them to be true no matter how sincere the husband is or anyone else for that matter.

And I have several male friends who have had bad words spoken into their lives as well. They have been called worthless, overweight, a$$hole, disgusting, gay and several others that I will not mention here as well. These men also have wives that speak positive words into their lives but, once again, because of the past they feel that they are either lying to make them feel good or crazy.

I personally have been called several of those words. I have great friends that build me up but I also have some great friends who tear me down though, I believe, unintentional. Right now, for me, it is the unintentional ones that hurt me the most because I know these friends love me deeply. It’s just that they are hurting and lash out. I can be on cloud nine one minute and then shot down to below sea level with one phrase. It hurts.

And because of their words there are times when I feel as if I am either not worthy or will never be good enough. Depression does set in on occasion. Sometimes it does take some time to get back up to cloud nine again…but enough about me…I’ll be fine.

What about the words spoken into the lives of our young people who grow up to still believe those bad words? What can be done for the beautiful young lady who only sees the flaws someone else told she has? What about the young man who was called gay when he starts to question his sexuality? What about the ones called worthless who feel that they do not deserve the love of another, the love of God or that good paying job? How do we help the ones who were called overweight and either have become just that or they don’t eat enough to actually be healthy? What about that young lady that was called a slut who slept around just because she didn’t care anymore?

words hurt 2

Is pointing them to Christ enough? I would love to say YES! But I can’t say that in good conscious.

Would speaking positive words into their lives help? I can’t say that either. I’ve tried that one and it really didn’t work.

I had a dear friend tell me once that IF you tell your wife that she is beautiful every day for years she may eventually start to believe you.

Healing can take place once someone comes into contact with the saving grace of God through Christ. When they find who they are in Christ, wonderful things can happen as well. Changes will begin to take place from the inside out. I know this one to be true!

Healing can also take place when positive words are spoken into their life. I have seen lives changed by just a little loving word.

But there is another component I believe that needs to be involved and that is how we treat someone.

I believe that if said person has found who they are in Christ, has positive words spoken into their life and has someone who treats them with respect and love it can make ALL the difference. When a woman hears the words “You are beautiful” and then actually sees it in your eyes and you touch her lovingly while telling her or kissing her she will start to believe that she is indeed beautiful.

When someone finds their worth in Christ and hears you tell them that you love them and it shows in your actions they will in turn begin to feel worthy of the love and care you give them.

A lot of this can be solved before it actually takes place. And that starts with the children in our lives.

Dads, are we telling our princess how pretty she is?

Moms, are you telling your little prince how handsome he is?

When our children do something great are we complimenting them on their achievement? Are we telling them of their true worth? Are we explaining to them that their bodies are precious and should not just be handed over to another person due to peer pressure?

If not..we should be! It is time to begin correctly, with positive words and to help heal the older ones who have suffered due to words spoken into their lives in the past.

God Bless guys,


Originally posted April 28th, 2016

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12 thoughts on “Words”

  1. Interesting that you used the word “moron” Stuart, how quick we forget. I’m pretty sure that we’ve all been a “moron” at one time or another. Words are powerful, that is why Jesus asks us to use them very carefully, at all times and in all places, even in a response. Count me as guilty too, I’m just saying …. Blessings!

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  2. Thank you for this Stu. I’ve shared it on my all social media; I really appreciated that the pat answer of “just point them to Christ” is not sufficient. Christ has to do the work, and they have to be willing to accept Christ’s love in their life for change and love to really happen! Johanna

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  3. Good post, the tongue can be like a sword it can cut a person with one word. It has to start from childhood to groom confidence in who we are. Many parents are responsible for the lack of confidence in their children. Even a joke can hurt and cut deep. We have to encourage people to meet Jesus Christ half way to learn to accept His love and listen to the changes He brings them. It takes a lot of doing and often years, sometimes praying for people does not help. They have to want to help themselves, they have to desire change in their life, acceptance, forgiveness and understanding. They have to do the work as we all do. Blessings.

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  4. I have written many posts on WORDS and their power. Those of us who write I think have a fair understanding of how words can build up or tear down. JAMES warns us about our tongue and the damage it can do. May we continue to try to listen more than we speak. When we do, we can hear someone’s heart and soul. So let us listen listen and love love and try to build and lift others up!
    P.S. Your picture here of the little boy broke me……

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  5. Reblogged this on Something to Stu Over and commented:

    I was going through some of my earlier posts and ran across one of my first posts on the power of the tongue. It had a link to an article that promtped me to write the post. I have included that link to the very bottom of this one. I feel that both my earlier post (this one) and theirs needed to be reshared.

    May we all come to realize the damage words can cause.


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