A Night Of Healing

Wow is all I can say!

Amy and I were chatting about people in our lives that are bipolar the other day on her post Left, Right, Left, Right. It was such a touching post that I felt the courage to share…well…a secret. So I shared with Amy that I had been married before and that my first wife was bipolar, but it was not a story that was mine to tell. I didn’t have her permission to share.

Well, as we all know God works in mysterious ways. The very next day my first wife, Ellen, messages me on Facebook saying that she and her husband were coming close to where I live and would love to see me and catch up. This was no coincidence. This was God.

We meet at Waffle House for dinner. The oddness that I thought I would feel left me the moment I walked up to her. We immediately hugged and went inside.

After she picked on me for still eating like a horse and not gaining weight I told her about the comment I had posted. She just said Stuart you can share any part of our story if you feel it would help someone.

We sat in Waffle House for 4 hours that night and reminenced and shared stories that have taken place over the last twenty years. We all hugged upon leaving. Such a wonderful blessing.

Here is her comment after I texted them both thanking them for the evening…

We did too. Was great in many ways. The evening was profoundly healing, as I think it was freeing for both of us in ways that can’t really be expressed in words. Beyond that, it was also just fun catching up. You’re still great to hang out with!

The journey to forgiveness will be shared in the future…as I now have her permission to share our story…our part in each other’s puzzle of life.

As with any story, there are parts that need to be included and parts that do not. I need to figure that out before sharing

28 thoughts on “A Night Of Healing”

  1. Wow! That’s awesome, brother! Not many get the chance to reminisce and heal like that with people who had such a huge impact role in their lives. That is truly a blessing from God. May he continue to bless you! 🙂

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  2. I know so many who wouldn’t dare go within yards of their ex’s because, well it’s why they’re ex’s… you’re absolutely right! That was the Lord! This story has to be shared! Just pray and ask the Lord how to prepare this message. God bless you brother!

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  3. God will guide you. Always re-read after you write…which I’m sure you already do. But something or Someone will poke you in the side if something shouldn’t be or should be included. How exciting though how God lined that up! More healing on the way for you Stuart and healing for us as we read and relate!

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      1. I can only imagine, both the utter shock and joy! Wow, Stuart, not many will ever experience that, it’s so many things that come to rest, the forgiveness of all that happened, the consolation, the validation, what else?! Everything!

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          1. Yes! So so true! I recently had something like that happen, but I froze, I was speechless. I couldn’t say anything. You have to see past the hurt that’s accumulated for so many years and know that all is well. Even after all these years to be able to go back to that space and know, that if that shouldn’t have happened, God wouldn’t have me in the space I am today.

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