Is Pornography Cheating?

A very good post by Hannah at Lost Passion.

I loved this…
“An authentic relationship is about sacrifice and responsibility and how ironic that those are just two of the many things that pornography robs us of. It robs us of the ability to sacrifice ourselves to others. It leads us into a cycle of instant gratification. It teaches us that our responsibility is to ourselves and ourselves alone. It puts us in a place where we are constantly concerned about our own satisfaction before the satisfaction of others.”

Lost Passion

The simple answer is, yes.

Let me explain.

Pornography is cheating on your family, cheating on your spouse (or future spouse), and ultimately cheating on YOURSELF.

It is the drug of this generation. We are all wounded by it in some way or another, whether it be through our own struggle with it or a friend and family member’s struggle with it. Some people are mildly affected while other marriages and families have been torn apart over it.

Pornography is inherently shameful, because no matter who you are you know that you are taking something beautiful and personal and turning it into entertainment. Think about it: you don’t hide and glance around before you pick up a copy of southern living magazine, you don’t clear your browser history after spending too much time online shopping. Deep down there is a reason for being ashamed of viewing pornography. Our phones, our…

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17 thoughts on “Is Pornography Cheating?”

  1. Very much truth! It’s as destructive as any drug. And the bad thing about it is that it is really everywhere! It’s becoming as commonplace as bad language. And becoming socially acceptable as alcohol. I do believe legal prostitution is the next big thing to hit America.

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    1. It’s also coming into our phones and televisions, so it’s always important to check what your kids are watching. The phone advertisements are selling sex as if it’s the most normal thing in life! And cartoons, make sure the cartoons are for children, there are some that are now driven for adults.

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    2. Sadly you are correct. I agree it is EVERYWHERE. People have asked me know the past why it was so hard quitting porn. I told them because it’s on every billboard and every commercial. You can avoid beer and drugs but you can’t avoid the human body…

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      1. I do as well. But I’ve seen so much happen. Beer is sold on Sunday. (Almost) Every place is selling it now. I’ve heard accounts where the big G considered a European measure that allows people to own drugs but only so much quantity. That’s on the way with the marijuana deal going on now. Here in America, we’re livid over slavery that happened 150 years ago but ignore the human trafficking that’s taking this country by storm. How could I not believe prostitution is not on the agenda?

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  2. Very true! I agree, it is absolutely a form of cheating, and as it’s stated, why would you clear the browser after looking at it online, you don’t do that after shopping online. That’s because deep down the person knows it’s not right and continues to hide it. None of it, in any shape or form is allowed in my home. Homes, marriages, families are distorted by such, just as they are from drug addiction and alcohol. It’s real, and people need to seek help to find a way out of such addiction.

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  3. I agree it is cheating, very well written post. Human trafficking is one of the many sad parts of all of this. People have become sick in the head, they are lured and tempted by evil. So much is done today to play things down into not being so bad.

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