An Unexpected Prayer Prompted By The Lord

If you all have not noticed…

I’m still grieving for the relationship with my love of a lifetime. It takes a while to process emotions from a relationship like we had.

But something happened this morning. And I want to share with my friends.

I was driving to work listening to music and God brought her to my heart. I knew I needed to pray for her.

Honestly, that is usually when God places someone on my heart. And it’s usually a very simple, yet deep, prayer.

And in God like fashion I was brought to tears…go figure, right?

My prayer for her…

Father, I bring ______ to you. I do not know what is going on but it must be hard on her or you would not have called me to prayer. You know the situation and you know where it leads.

Lord, I ask that you give her peace as you gently wrap your loving arms around her. Let her know that she is loved. Protect your daughter Father.

I love your precious daughter, Lord. Gently show her where you will place the next piece to her puzzle.

(This is where I started to cry)

Lord, she may never know the depth of my love for her but I pray she knows yours. Thank you for allowing me to a part of her puzzle, for I know that mine would not be complete without her.

You brought us together to show each of us what true sacrificial love is in human form and I praise you for that. It is an earthly love I will always treasure being in.

Guide her Father. Reveal your love as only you can in this season she is going through.


27 thoughts on “An Unexpected Prayer Prompted By The Lord”

  1. God’s love for us knows no limitations. Calling us to intercede for others makes all the difference. Your ex-wife is being drawn closer to the Lord. May God hold you close as you grieve. He is weeping with you and drying your tears..

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  2. They say time heals all wounds… I don’t necessarily believe that.. but one thing about human nature is the ability to detach that pain over time. There is a stain that takes hold of certain things, like a song, certain smells/fragrances, certain times of year that bring a certain feeling that bring these feelings back. It can be a blessing or a cursing in a way. But, praise God for memories that nobody and nothing can ever take away.

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my prayer time this morning Kristian. I normally do not share my prayers with anyone, unless, I am with them of course, but something told to share this one.

      It is a part of my journey so I guess it fits in 🙂

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  3. Glory Be to God, he makes all things new. I truly thank God for your spirit of obedience and yielding to the Holy Spirit engaging in prayer 🙏. This piece touched me deeply. It is beautifully written, will impact many, as well as,healing unto you.


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      1. Amen! Yes, Indeed!
        Hallelujah, Lord!
        Thanks again for your having an ear to hear, your obedience and transparency in sharing your heart ♥️, your testimonial.
        Forever 💜


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  4. Amen Stuart! He’s the God of second chances, the God that can reconcile. You prayed, this morning I prayed for you and your family; when two or three… God!! Your heart is being tested, your love for her is being tested; your faithfulness, is what God will honour! A wonderful prayer, God bless!

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