Sunday Music: Sharon Batts | Dear Mr. Jesus


The year I graduated high school…

The year my family feel apart…

The year I learned what a broken heart felt like when my first real girlfriend broke up with me…

The year of the power ballads…

The year the biggest songs on the radio were referencing God…

Our local radio station had a top ten and the top three songs for any given week were: Stryper~Honestly, White Lion~When The Children Cry and Dear Mr. Jesus.

Now, image a young Christian who carried his Bible to school, who was not necessarily picked on for it but debated with frequently, who wore Stryper T-shirts to school and had a hand made Stryper logo on the back window of his Camaro, just simply ecstatic over the fact that these songs were even being played on secular radio. Yep…that was me!

All three of these songs touched my heart. But neither Stryper nor White Lion could touch the heart strings of me like Dear Mr. Jesus did.

This song broke my heart. I don’t remember there being a video to this on MTV. If there was I never saw. Of course, I was watching Headbangers Ball so that might explain that.

You see, some of my friends growing up were both physically and mentally abused. And yes, I later found out that some of them were sexually abused as well 😦

I remember seeing bruises on my friends legs. And I don’t mean an accidental bruise from a spanking. These were bruises meant to leave a mark…to punish.

I saw tears behind a straight face when another would ask what happened and hear a lie to protect their parent..

Even as an adult, I have seen women cower when their dad raised their voice in conversation. A cower that spoke without ever having to say a word about past physical abuse.

But anyway. Let’s move forward to today shall we.

I’ve been through more crap than I would wish on anyone. But because of all that crap…

I see things differently…

I interpret things differently…

Please don’t let them hurt you children

They need love and shelter from the storm

The storms of life can be so overwelming at times.

Some say those trapped in a lifestyle of porn made their own choice to do so. Some say a lot of those are sex traffic victims. I know both to be factual.

And it truly breaks my heart for both the victim and the one who chooses it.

No person, male or female, deserve to be kidnapped, taken to a remote place, raped and have the rape captured on a cell phone or camcorder and shared to the world. Yes, it happens. And yes I’m being serious!

Even those who choose to step into porn do not understand what they are getting into. You can read my Dear Porn Star Please Forgive Me for more insight on that. Just be warned…it’s graphic!

No wife deserves to have her husband video them having sex and then uploading it to a porn site. But…it happens

These women and men are ALL created in the image of God, just as we are.

They can not get love and shelter from the storm when other men and women supply fuel for the storm through lust and addiction.

God wants them to know they are loved and cherished by Him.

God wants to show them they are priceless, have value and do not deserve the treatment they have been put through!

God wants to save them!

I have to be honest…I’m not one hundred percent sure how this can come to pass when sex sells more now than ever before. It’s everywhere…

Guess we should start by praying, not only for those physically and mentally abused but also for the sex/porn addicts and the porn stars.

Will you join me in prayer?

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