Wonderful Weekends & A New Family Member

Two weeks ago Brandon asked if I could get off work early in order to pick him up from the church. He wanted me to be there when he got off the bus that brought him home after his first church camp without his sister. I told him I may not be able to with starting a new job and all. But I did promise to ask.

So ask I did. And guess what? My boss let me leave early!!! But I didn’t get to see him get off the bus 😦

They arrived an hour earlier than expected. They chose to forgo lunch and drive straight though. Ughhhh!!!!

So, I picked him up from his grandmother’s house. His first words…

Daddy I missed you and I’m starving ❤

His choice of food? Chinese of course. But not where we normally go. He wanted to go eat at the mall because his sister was there shopping. He missed her too 🙂

We find Erin. She dumps her shopping partner and wants to hang out with Brandon and I.

The fun commences…

Their laughter says it all!
Brandon had that dang Owl up Erin’s Cheetah’s butt pretty much the whole time

It was hilarious. He pushed her into the columns, people and Spencer’s on accident.

Erin showing off her new fuzzy phone case

We went clothes shopping too. Since Sears is going out of business, why not right… Great sale and some good clothes for both of them. But while checking out they were wrestling and giggling so hard that the customers could not help but laugh.

It was a priceless day to say the least. They didn’t argue even once. So proud of them 🙂

And now for the moment you all have been waiting for….


He’s not asleep 😂😂
She likes you all so much she is winking at you 🙂

Have I said how much I love my kids?


24 thoughts on “Wonderful Weekends & A New Family Member”

  1. Haha! Were we not just saying, ask and you shall receive?! No, well we should have! You were worried about it maybe not being the right time at your job to ask leave early and here’s God, listening to your heart and allowing you time to spend with your precious kids. 😊🙏🏽 And wow! They look so much like you, amazing!

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    1. Thank you Kathy. They are such a joy to be around…even when they are fighting for real. Neither one of them can stay mad for more than minutes and then it’s all laughter.

      Sharing my family was something I honestly never thought of doing until I was nominated for the weekend challenge. But they are happy that I share our time together 🙂

      AND they are my inspiration for not only my blog but my Facebook pages as well. Men need to be the Spiritual Leader of their family to lead their children accordingly. The need to stop watching porn not only for themselves but also for the sake of their children and their future. That can be devasting to a daughter or a son to find porn on Daddy’s phone or laptop.


  2. How awesome! So glad y’all had such a God given day! Even Goldie! 😉 How cute!
    God knows exactly what we need! There had to have been something about that time God gave you off that you each needed to make your day work just the way it did! If anything, you showed your son you made the effort! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your day! God loves you and those precious gifts!

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